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Presentation of Qingdao was held in Moscow
  Qingdao is considered one of the most attractive cities in China. What was interesting was posveshchyana his presentation, which took place on the eve of the Marriott Moscow Grand Hotel.
   Every year more and more tourists visit Qingdao. This city in 2017 received about one and a half million foreign tourists. He has something to show, not for nothing that he was chosen as the venue for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in 2018. The city is proud of one of the most beautiful embankments in Asia; there are wonderful beaches, 120 class A landmarks, over 600 hotels for Qingdao guests. Among foreign, Russian tourists are among the top ten in terms of visits. And the share will grow, which is facilitated by a direct flight from Moscow, it is planned in the near future to launch a flight from St. Petersburg.
   Qingdao is one of the most significant historical and cultural cities in China, as well as the cultural center of East Asia. Here, the first Chinese feature film was filmed and shown, more than 100 films and serials are filmed every year in Qingdao. UNESCO awarded him the title of "Capitals of Cinema". the first Chinese violin was born,
Qingdao is also famous for its delicious beer brewing, so there is a museum dedicated to this drink in this city and the biggest beer festival in Asia. Tsingtao beer accounts for more than 80% of all Chinese beer exported abroad. According to various topics in Qingdao, festivals are held.
  To see your city came a big deal, headed by
Mayor of Qingdao, Meng Fanli. His impressions of the city were shared by the envoy of the Embassy of the PRC, Ms. Wang Xiaoxia, the head of the Moscow office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China in Moscow and other participants in the presentation
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