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Wine tasting in the southern regions of Italy
From Vasilevs to Enotra. The wines of myths and legends on BORSA VINI ITALIANI
Organizers of the April tasting in Moscow and St.-
Petersburg acquaint future guests with the legendary southern
regions of Italy.
One of the top regions, snugly located in the south, between
"Cape" and "heel" of the Italian "boot", this
(Basilicata). Here, at an altitude of more than 600 meters on the slope of extinct
Volcano Vulture cultivates the visiting card of the region - Alyaniko.
This variety gives rise to the outstanding red wines of the south of Italy,
an exceptional feature of which is an impenetrable bright-
Ruby color and rich fruit aroma with notes of almonds and
chocolate. Often this wine is called "South Barolo". Exist
legend, as if Hannibal after one of the victories over the Roman army
sent his soldiers here on Mount Vulture, to be treated by local
Aglianico Zone
Vulture received the status of DOCG in 2015 - this is
the only Alyaniko of the highest quality category. Typically, wine
Basilicates are aged in oak barrels for at least three years, that
gives the drink a pleasant velvety taste. At the salon region
Basilicata will be presented by producer Azienda Agricola Donato D'Angel
(Table 1).
The next regional cluster, presented at the BORSA VINI showroom
ITALIANI 2018, this is the winery of the Calabria region. According to the ancient
legend, the son of Arcadian king Enotr, crossing the waters of the Ionian Sea,
Discovered Calabria - rich fertile land with abundant gardens
and vineyards and called it (in my honor, of course) - Enotria, and
inhabitants - enotrames.
From the west, Calabria is washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, from the east by the Ionian Sea,
from the north-east - the Gulf of Taranto, and from the south-west is separated from Sicily
It is a region with a rich amphelographic heritage, here
registered more than 175 autochthonous grape varieties - more than
in any other zone
Italy. Business card
Calabria is grown almost everywhere. Wines from it
are characterized by a soft color, a gentle berry bouquet and
velvety tannins. Of the whites, the most popular variety is
Greko Bianco (not to be confused with Greco di Tufo).
One of the key areas of Calabria is Ciro DOC (the status of DOC was obtained in 1969).
At the time of Ancient Greece wines from this area were called Krimisa and
served as a reward for the winners of the Olympic Games! Today here
make red and rose wines from Galappo (85%) and white from Greco
Bianco. In the Ciro DOC zone, most wineries
farms of Calabria.
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