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Wine & Gastro Business Picnic
This summer, on July 20-22, the Russian Sommelier Association is already conducting the "Wine picnic" for the fourth time. The event, which unites professionals and wine lovers, changes the format a little: this year it will have a pronounced business accent! In addition to specialists in the wine market, as well as all lovers and connoisseurs of good wine, this year we particularly invite the experts of the restaurant market. As the mother of experienced restaurateurs, and young ambitious entrepreneurs who only plan their business. Owners and managers, chefs and sommeliers - everyone will find something interesting here!
During the weekend we will not only enjoy fresh air and fine wines, but also discuss a variety of restaurant concepts. In partnership with the Information Group "Restaurant News" will be dismantled a variety of business models of modern catering. Steak-houses and fast food, modern buffets and cafes, pubs and, of course, wine restaurants and bars!
Especially I want to note the fact that the speakers will be not only people who know the subject from outside, but also experienced businessmen: owners and managers of successful and well-known restaurant projects. Together they will disclose small secrets and will detail such important aspects as choosing the concept and forming an effective team, developing the right menu and marketing tools, the role and place of wine and other alcoholic beverages and, of course, methods for increasing sales.
A wine picnic has always been a meeting place for friends, a space for dialogue and an opportunity to share experiences. And the new format does not abolish this rule. Its uniqueness is that the event does not turn into a formal conference with a tight timings, but remains a platform for informal communication. Participants will have the opportunity not only to listen to presentations, but also to receive additional information, ask questions both publicly and in person.
And, of course, we will not forget about the cultural and cognitive component. On the 21st of the day there is an extensive wine salon, where more than 150 wines from the leading wine companies of Russia, as well as summer cocktails will be presented. Participants will be waiting for both traditional and new entertainment. A fascinating wine quest and a gambling wine casino, contests for the best taster and the best picnic wine, jokes and surprises, the Guinness Record show and a wine lottery with valuable prizes. For those who do not think their life without social networks, there will be a competition for the largest number of likes in Instagram, and creative natures will create their masterpiece in the creative master class Art & Wine. Within the framework of the educational part, there will be several master classes devoted to such different but equally relevant topics as craft beer, whiskey, biodynamic wine and the importance of the right glasses for wine.
Hungry, too, no one will remain: there will be traditional for picnic steaks, and vegetables on the grill, and a mini food court of the "kitchen of the world."
In addition, in this friendly and relaxed, but still solemn atmosphere, we will hold the long-awaited ceremony of awarding the winners of the contest for the best wine map of Russia. The country will recognize its heroes!
We envisaged different formats for participation, including those who can not join for all three days. Convenient transfers will be arranged, and those who are ready to come on a personal vehicle will be able to safely place the car in the hotel parking lot.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote that "the only known luxury is the luxury of human communication." So let's not waste time! Come and take friends! And it does not matter what exactly you come for, for new knowledge, good wine, fresh air or just a cool pastime, you definitely will not be disappointed. After all, friendly communication is the main thing on Wine Picnic!
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