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A great interest of specialists in the field of industrial design and media was prompted by the forum Future Industrial Fashion
     Evening of industrial design, organized by the International Group of Companies Mankiewicz together with the Center for High-Complexity Prototyping "KINETICS" NITU "MISIS" was held in Moscow
    The unique business platform Future Industrial Fashion has gathered
key players in the market, the best specialists in the field of industrial design, chief designers, managers of industrial brands and representatives of state structures, as well as top media and bloggers. The latest trends in industrial design.
    Speakers of the event shared their views on the latest trends in industrial design, the impact of industrial design on the success of products and the victory in competition, the main stages of the process of creating design trends in the automotive, aviation and engineering industries: Vladimir Pirozhkov - industrial designer, director of CPVS "Kinetics" NITU "MISiS", Vladimir Trofimenko - Director General of the Representative Office and Member of the Board of Directors of Mankiewicz Group of companies Mankiewicz Ingo Moravietz. The Mankiewicz group of companies is one of the top 100 innovative companies in Germany, a technology partner of leading OEMs. A European leader in the development and implementation of functional coatings and color solutions.
     The use of modern technologies, development and implementation of modern and functional materials and coatings - all this becomes one of the key factors of product success. For example, in the automotive industry, customers are giving less importance to technical characteristics
cars, but more and more attention is paid to the design, convenience and comfort of the salon. Customers are interested in the possibility of customization, because that's how they are trying to express their individuality.
Cardinal changes have occurred in other industrial sectors: the design, the right choice of color solutions and those
feelings that they cause in customers.
  The head of the design department of Mankiewicz Nina Karsten, the head of the design department, made a presentation of the trends of the car design in the exclusive Color show format. The appearance of products, its visual appeal - this is what the consumer is looking at today. A color solution is of particular importance; Fashion trends dictate the search for new materials and technologies.
           The final chord of the evening was the fashion show of young Russian designers. So many interesting bright decisions in the images on the show!
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