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Enogastronomic infotour, which became a real discovery of the unique Don land!
The fact that the Rostov region has tremendous opportunities for the development of enogastronomical tourism, the participants of the informational tour organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Rostov region and the company Reina-Tour could see with their own eyes.
Following the route: Rostov-on-Don - Semikarakorsk - x. Malaya Martynovka-Romanovskaya-Volgodonsk-Tsimlyansk-Posol. Sarkel - Art. Melikhovskaya - Art. Razdorsky - x. Pukhlyakovskiy - city of Novocherkassk. Starocherkasskaya tour operators, journalists and bloggers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sverdlovsk, Tatarstan, Krasnodar Territory, Volgograd region and Italy were fascinated by this hospitable land. Yes, you just can not help falling in love with her !!!
What boundless steppes, mighty priest-Don, fragrant multicolored fields, endless ridge of vineyards! This unique land is unique in everything: its rich, centuries-old history, its unique coloring and, of course, such an amazing cuisine. Traveling in different areas, you do not cease to be surprised by such a variety of dishes of the Don cuisine, based on delicious eco-friendly vegetables, fruits and fish - the queen of local cuisine. She and smoked, dried, salted, fried. And how good she is in a rich ear! Indeed, not for nothing that the Rostov region is recognized as the third most popular gastronomic region of the summer with the festival "Don's Ear". To appreciate the taste of this traditional dish, we were able to appreciate in the village of Romanovskaya. The folklore program has created a special spiritual mood! I wanted to listen and listen, and my feet started to dance. And what a feast without a unique local wine! Viticulture in the Rostov region is on a big rise, you can see this by visiting local wineries. And we visited the winery "Elbuzd", and at the wineries "Villa Star", "Vina Bani" ... And each has its own discoveries, its unique drinks !, its technologies. One of the main events for the wine growers of the region is the ethnographic festival "Don Vine", traditionally taking place in the Pukhlyakovski farm of the Ust-Donetsk region. This place for carrying out such an action is chosen not accidentally since its foundation in the XVIII century is the historical center of the Don winemaking. What a colorful holiday with sincere Cossack songs and dances, where all participants of the festival are always waiting for tasting traditional Don dishes and drinks! There are many different thematic festivals in the Rostov region, but the only impression left is the presentation of the historical reconstruction in Volgodonsk! Such a wonderful colorful action! It would also be possible to hold large-scale festivals of historical reconstructions, maybe even international ones with tasting dishes according to old recipes !. It seemed that the whole city was going to meet us. Feel how people want to develop the tourism industry, and really wait for travelers. We must pay tribute to the administration of the city and the region. The meeting with representatives of the administration of the Volgodonsky district and the Rostov region was also held here. The theme of the Round Table was the current issues of the development of wine and gastronomic tours. According to the participants, such a meeting became useful and informative. In the rich program of our visit, there are so many interesting places that tourists would like to recommend to tourists: the cultural and ethnic complex Cossack Watch (Azov district), the cultural and entertainment complex Cossack Piers (Semikarakorsk), and the ethnographic tourist-entertaining complex Stanitsa Tsymlyanskaya - an open-air museum, a tourist complex "Cossack camp", an ethno-archaeological complex "The Lost World", the Razdorskiy Museum-Reserve "Anatoly Kalinin - man, writer, citizeness Anin. " I would especially like to mention the Starocherkassk Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve, the largest museum complex in the south of Russia, included in UNESCO tourist guides. One can not fail to mention the capital of the Don Cossacks - Novocherkassk, with its stunning Cathedral of the Ascension of the Church, the Ataman Palace, the museum of the Don Cossacks. By the way, it is here that the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Viticulture and Wine-making named after Ya.I. Potapenko, specializing in fundamental, exploratory and applied scientific research. The Institute takes part in various exhibitions of grapes, the varieties it has developed have won gold and silver medals; The elite wines of the institute were also awarded gold and silver medals. Here also works the Museum of the History of Viticulture and Wine-making, which presents exhibits and stands dedicated to the emergence of a vineyard culture on the Don (VIII-X centuries) during the reign of the Khazar Khaganate, as well as a modern exposition.
And, of course, speaking of the viticulture of the Rostov region, no matter how mentioning the capital's factory of champagne wines, the leading enterprise in Russia in terms of the production of champagne and sparkling wines
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